Checking in with Lucky Done Gone

How would you describe your musical style and sound?

It’s a blend of different sounds, ranging between the house and techno spectrum. If I had to give it a name, I’d say progressive is the right description. I believe the emotion should be hearable and feelable in the music, and I always strive to combine this. This is accompanied by the right balance of energy, euphoria, or contemplation. It always becomes danceable and enjoyable.
How do you think it has evolved over the years?

Well, I’m very happy with how it has evolved. Over the past years, I’ve developed both personally and musically. This allows me to feel comfortable and enjoy the moments I perform more. I believe I also radiate this. Through these developments, I’ve gained experience that allows me to adapt to different settings. Early or late sets are possible and enjoyable, as well as radio shows. I find that I dare to follow my own path more and try to take people along with me.

What do you find most fulfilling about performing?

When I feel the connection with the crowd, that’s when the circle feels complete for me. I always look forward to shows; I try sketching out a dream picture to work with. I then develop a kind of theme that fits, and based on that, I make a musical plan. When this reaches the crowd, I feel a certain connection that feels very strong and makes me realize that we’re having a great time. This connection can take on a different feeling for each individual. Perhaps someone isn’t feeling great, and this is a nice release, or maybe someone is having the time of their life, and this is just that extra spark that ignites.

You’ve built your own home studio during the pandemic and recorded your tracks there. Did this period mark a significant shift in your career?

Absolutely! The time and emptiness during that period allowed me to return to basics and rethink who I am as a person and artist. I was a bit trapped in the fast pace of life and the industry. So I was able to shape this in peace and space, allowing me to develop more as an artist. I mainly focused on DJing and building a career; now, it’s a broader picture, and I focus on being a professional artist. And I love that; it gives me the energy to keep growing, broaden my horizons, and hopefully continue doing this for a long time in a sustainable and healthy way.

We know you’ve performed at some very noteworthy events. Do you have any bucket list places left to perform in the future?

My bucket list is quite broad and large, which I think keeps me fresh and sharp. I enjoy going to new places, and honestly, I’m very happy with the show at Orbit Festival. Personally, I find it a very fresh and innovative festival in a very interesting location. It all fits together and makes it challenging for me to musically fill this during my set. Besides that, Lowlands has always been my big dream and personal goal, which will happen this year in August, so I’m incredibly proud of that.

What can we expect from your performance at Orbit Festival this year?

I’ve been slowly shaping the picture I have in mind. But I envision a delightful festival field where the Orbit concept comes into its own and where the audience has found their spot after making the journey to the festival. I’ll take people along to realize they’re in for a good time.

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