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  • From which age can I visit Orbit Festival?

    To visit Orbit Festival you have to be at least 21 years old. Your ID might possibly be checked. If you aren’t able to show your ID it’s not possible to visit the event.

  • What are the rules of conduct at Orbit Festival?

    Our primary core value is to create a place where everyone feels completely safe, accepted and respected.

    Orbit Festival will be a day full of memorable moments and unity. An experience like this can’t exist without tolerance and a flexible attitude from everyone. Please help us by treating your environment with respect and by looking out for yourself and one another.

    At Orbit Festival racism, sexism, ableism, body shaming, homophobia or transphobia are absolutely not tolerated and neither are sexual harassment and/or violence.

    If you experience any discomfort or feel unsafe/unwelcome you can report this to our festival crew, the security or the present Awareness team members. Our Awareness team members are walking around at the festival and are recognizable by their fluorescent vests.

    All shared information will be treated with privacy and confidentiality.

    If a person is intimidating, being appropriate, violent or aggressive in both behaviour and/or communication we will undertake action immediately. This also means that we can refuse a person entry to our festival if we notice this type of behavior at the entrance.

    If a visitor is in violation with our house rules, we retain the right the remove this visitor from our festival without the reimbursement of their ticket. If necessary, we will also inform the police.

    Please leave the surroundings as clean and peaceful as you approached it. If you would like to report an incident or complaint after the festival you can send an e-mail to info@was030.nl and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • When does Orbit Festival take place?

    Orbit Festival takes place on Saturday 27th of July 2024.

  • Where does Orbit Festival take place?

    Orbit festival will take place at Fort bij Vechten in Bunnik.

  • What is Orbit Festival?

    We are Orbit Festival. A remarkable place, which is a discovery in itself already. Variety is our identity, and we share our identity with our partners. We’re joining forces with IsBurning Amsterdam, United Identities, StrandedFM, Uncloud and Prisma Groep. An intimate, impressive festival on the 27th of July 2024 with a stunning line-up at one of the most unique locations in Utrecht ever.

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